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Oct. 23-26, Nov 1,2| Jake’s Women (Comedy, PG)

Oct. 23-26, Nov 1,2


Jake’s Women is a play by Neil Simon. The play centers on Jake, a writer with a struggling marriage. Jake talks to many of the women he knows, both in real life and in his imagination, as he works to save his marriage. Jake, suffering with psychosis and seeing representations of his daughter at age 12, his late wife Julie and recently divorced wife Maggie, is dealing with the inability to write productively and must resolve these issues before he does so. (Wikipedia)


Audition Information here

Rehearsal Schedule

Yet to be determined

Cast & Crew

JakeSteven Shelton
MaggieCarla Reynolds Feamster
JulieAshley Cremonte
Molly (21)Maggie Elizabeth Hodgkin
Molly (12) Gwen Feamster
KarenSara L. Sanger
EdithKaren Craner
SheilaKate Rundell

Production Team

Director – Mary Powers



Neil Simon


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